marks of a sick culture (VI)

Im George W. Bush Presidential Center, eine Präsidentenbibliothek welche am 1. Mai für die Öffentlichkeit geöffnet wird, gibt es ein interaktives Feature namens Decision Points Theater. Besucher können sich in die Rolle des Entscheiders versetzen lassen und die berüchtigten Szenarien der Bush-Amtszeit an seinem Platz nachentscheiden:

After selecting their mess of choice, users watch videos of advisers — a most unbelievable collection of multi-cultural actors playing White House yes-men, military officers, and local officials — and then vote on whether they would make the same choices Bush did. On Wednesday, I stood with a national NPR reporter, two local TV reporters, and a few others. We selected the Iraq invasion. […]
After a barrage of BREAKING NEWS — Missile systems! Global protests! — we decided on option two: seek a new U.N. resolution. Bush greeted us on-screen, to tell us how wrong we were in his trademark matter-of-fact way.
‚Saddam posed too big a risk to ignore…the world was made safer by his removal.‘

„The Bush Library’s Most Frustrating Exhibit“ (Esquire)

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