DAISY: What do you do Brian?
BRIAN: I’m an artist.
DAISY: Oh, Tim’s an artist. What kind of thing do you do?
BRIAN: Anger.

[Shot of Brian attacking the canvas furiously]

BRIAN: Pain.

[Shot of Brian pricking his finger with a needle and whimpering]

BRIAN: Fear.

[Shot of Brian cowering in the dark as creepy music plays]

BRIAN: Aggression.

[Shot of Brian violently smashing an egg with a hammer]

DAISY: Watercolours?
BRIAN: It’s a bit more complex than that.
DAISY: Tim does cartoons.
TIM: It’s a bit more complex than that!

Spaced. 1×01 – „Beginnings“

[Mike is crying about being kicked out of the Rough Ramblers]

TIM: Oh, Mike, they’re not ready for you, you’re too good for them. You’re a renegade, a soldier of fortune.
MIKE: Like the A-Team.
TIM: Yeah, you’re like Mr. T. but white and hairy. And I feel sorry for anyone who says you’re not.
MIKE: I pity the fool.
TIM: I pity the fool.
MIKE: [Mr. T voice] I ain’t goin‘ on no plane, sucka!
TIM: Stop that.

Spaced. 1×06 – „Epiphanies“

Will heißen: die erste Staffel gestern in einem Durchgang geschaut. Sehr fein. Der zweiten Staffel wird es heute Abend wohl ähnlich ergehen.

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Eine der geilsten Serien überhaupt.
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