Vom richtigen Bewertungsmaß

Kundenbewertungen sind das Salz in der Internets-Suppe. Und wenn man wie Amazon wirklich alles im Sortiment hat, muss man sich wohl nicht wundern, dass die Bewertungen zu einem Kugelschreiber entsprechend ausfallen.

I’m also happy to report that the barrel remains as useful as ever in performing emergency tracheotomies.

Worked fine with my right hand, but when I came to use my left hand my writing came out looking like the work of a complete imbecile. I can only assume Bic have created a right-handed only pen, and would caution left-handers to „try before you buy“.

Like many other buyers have pointed out, this pen is not formatted to work in the U.S […] My English teacher marked me off five points (out of a possible twenty, mind you) for my constant misspellings of color, odor, etc. It was embarrassing, this is the worst 13 pence […] I’ve ever spent on a ballpoint pen.

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